Charlene Juliette Geisler lives in
beautiful Southern California and at this
point is 16 years old. Her family and
friends usually call her 'Charlie' what
she thinks is quite cute. She is full of
energy and curious about everything.
Aquarians are like that.

She loves her family and friends, her  2
cats, her piano, singing, writing,
dancing and acting since age 6!

Her newest project in 2015, Season 4 of
"Child of the '70s", has her involved not
only as an actress but also as a
Producer again. Please read her blog
here to find out more about this exciting
project of hers!

Most recently, Charlene worked
on projects for Hallmark/SpiritClips
Productions ("LOOK UP") and on
her first feature length horror/thriller
movie "LIVE-IN FEAR", directed by
Brandon Scullion. Besides being cast in
a supportive role, this project also gave
her the first opportunity to work as an
Associate Producer on a major film

In 2013, she has also worked with
Henry Winkler on the new MGMT music
video and was delighted to get the
supporting role of Rainna in the
independent short movie 'PEPPER'.
Her feature length movie
INDOSHEEN', where she plays the
supporting role of Emily, is scheduled to
premiere in November 2013.

In the past, Charlene has worked three
times with Producer/Director Damian
Chapa on his feature-length movies.
She appeared in the Eddie Murphy
feature movie "NORBIT" (DreamWorks)
as well as in the record-smashing film
, where she had a
funny elevator scene as
Katie with the
three main characters.

Charlene is fluent in German, a skill
which helped her secure representation
by the Munich talent agency German
Actors Agency/ Beatrice Lamprecht,
whotook her under her wing in March
2012 to represent her in Germany and

Charlene enjoyed working on major
network TV shows from "WEST WING"
and "NCIS" to "FlashForward"
, from
. Besides working with major
studios and production companies,
Charlene has been part of numerous
short and independent movie projects
(i.e. the award-winning "AFTER THE  
SHEARING", short) as well as national
commercials (i.e. for carmaker Infiniti,
Dairy Queen).

In the past, she has worked in the more
on the expanding new media venue i.e.
the amazing sci-fi project "10,000
DAYS", starring Peter Wingfield and
John Schneider, Holt & Steele's
accredited STARF*CKERS" Series and
the pilot 'MATCHMAKERS' for Comedy

But she also loves working on stage
and played the challenging role of
in Arthur Miller's theatre play
"THE CRUCIBLE" at the Gallery Theatre
in Anaheim at the tender age of 8. She
has since been
Belinda Cratchit in "A
CHRISTMAS CAROL" on stage at the
Tony-Award winning South Coast
Repertory and starred to raving reviews
again at The Gallery Theatre in three
different short stories of Mark Twain
adapted for the stage.

Charlene started doing voice over work
in June 2008 and booked a project right
away with Antley Drive Production, a
couple of days after finishing her VO
demo reel with Aliso Creek Productions/
William Williams. She has done sound
dubbing in German for Amadeus
and ADR work for the project
"IMAGINARY", which opened in June

Now 16 years young, she is venturing
more and more into the producing field
of movie making and is Associate
Producer on Brandon Scullion's
thriller/horror movie "LIVE-IN FEAR',
which was filmed from February - June
2012 in Utah and Los Angeles. It is
worth mentioning that she also was
offered the role of
Young Mallory in the
project after a successful table-reading.
Charlene, the Associate Producer is
back as of October 2012 with the next
horror/thriller project (a 12 episode
webseries) called "EDWARDS

Acting is her passion for many years
and so far it has been an incredible
journey for her thanks to all the
wonderful and talented people she has
met and even became friends with.
Producing and scriptwriting are venues
within the industry that she wants to
pursue further in the future too, and
Charlene is thrilled to have these
opportunities presented to her at such
a young age.

She is involved through the
SAG/AFTRA Foundation as a
BookPal Reader, volunteering her time
to read to young children at libraries,
hospitals, public schools, special
SAG/AFTRA events, etc to instill the
love of reading and books in them.

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There is always one moment in
childhood when the door opens and
lets the future in.

- Graham Greene