Charlene, the Published Poet
Charlene's reading at the literature/arts
center Beyond Baroque with David
Smith, Scott Wannberg, SA Griffin and
Ellyn Maybe on  
11 October 2009.
here for the youtube clip and
here for the photostream.

Charlie live at the Beyond Baroque
Literary/ Arts, Venice, CA on 12/8/2006.

Watch the

Photos from Charlene's performances at
the Beyond Baroque Literary/ Arts Center
12/8/06 and 3/18/07. Click on the dates
for some photos and further information.

Charlene's contribution to EARTH DAY
2008 has been published in the Santa
Monica Mirror.
here to read her story!
Charlene and Viggo Mortensen at
Beyond Baroque, Venice, CA.
"3 Fools for April" performance on
1. April 2006.

And here with Fred Dewey, Executive
Director of Beyond Baroque,
Venice, CA on the same day.
Charlene's poetry reading on
March 18, 2007 at
Beyond Baroque,
Venice, CA.

Here with Viggo Mortensen...again:)
Charlene's reading at Beyond Baroque,
Venice, CA on  December 8, 2006 for the
launch of the 'Truth' Magazine that includes
one of her short stories.
Here with poet Scott Wannberg at
another wonderful poetry event at
Beyond Baroque in May 2007.
Henry Mortensen read at the same event
together with Charlene on March 18, 2007.
That's why his father Viggo was there too.
Charlene read by the invitation of poet David
Smith who shared the podium with her on
October 11, 2009 at
Beyond Baroque,
Venice, CA.
With Scott Wannberg at Beyond
Baroque on October 11, 2009 before
the reading.
Here with S.A. Griffin at Beyond
Baroque, October 11, 2009 preparing
for the reading like only serious poets
do at Beyond Baroque.
Thanks again for letting me read at Beyond
Baroque with all the fantastic poets that were
there that evening. I appreciate all of your
support and kindness!
And here with the fabulous
Ellyn Maybe at the reading on
October 11, 2009 at Beyond Baroque.

Click here for more information about
famous Beyond Baroque, the leading
literary/arts center on the west coast of
the United States.