Demo Reel 2014 (Look Up and Drew)

Demo Reel (After the Shearing, Drama)
10 minute version of After the Shearing

Demo Reel (The Gift/ Drama)

Demo Reel (Hall Patrol/ Comedy)

Demo Reel/German

Demo Reel/ British Accent

Boyfriend - youtube clip

Sweet - youtube clip

The Hangover TV trailers (Charlene's elevator scene as Katie):
Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3
Clip 4

After The Shearing Screening on 9-23-11at the Sunset Gowers Studios, Red Carpet
Interview - youtube clip

Bobby Fischer Live movie premiere Nov. 10, 2009 - arrivals and cast interviews/ La
Costa TV, 8:20 min clip with Charlene's "Thanks for watching" comment to the La Costa
TV audience

Pubert - Episode 6 "Glam Dollz"

BECK - Music Video 'Cell Phone's Dead'

Charlene's Piano Recitals
- Beethoven's "Fuer Elise", January 2012

Charlene's Irish Dance  - youtube clip - Hornpipe Routine

Charlene's Irish Dance/Riverdance Performance  - at The Hollywood Improv on May 6,
2011 - youtube clip -

Beyond Baroque Poetry Reading, Oct. 2009 - youtube clip

Beyond Baroque Poetry Reading, Dec. 2006 - youtube clip

Interviews on youtube

Jeff Knight Photography

UK TV Guide
Symbiotic Talent
German Actors Agency
Director Craig Robert Young's Blog about the PEPPER project 2013
About the Artists

Press Releases/ Articles
Style Roma Magazine - Interview- Italian/English - February 2013
Report about 'Live-In Fear", More Horror Magazine, September 4 2012
Exclusive: Live-In Fear releases first trailer, More Horror Magazine, July 28, 2012
IMDb list of “2012 Upcoming Rising Child Stars”, January 3, 2012
The Examiner 'Whenever the Twain shall meet....' theater review, March 9, 2010
Daily Pilot featuring Charlene in article titled Child actress to be honored, March 5, 2010
South Coast Repertory Press Release 2009 Thrillseekers - the Indosheen, Press Release May 2009


Kids Round-table Discussion of "SHREK Forever After"
with Luminave Films on 5/22/2010 in Burbank, CA