April 2012
After her scene she did in an acting workshop /intensive with VP of Casting at CBS, Fern Orenstein, Fern had to say the
following about Charlene's performance:
“When it comes to emotions you kill it! That was really kick ass, Charlene. Wow. Really nice job. Very nice job.”

November 2011
Written audition feedback from Chris Rickard (CASTING DIRECTOR) for the SAG production "Brother" about her read for the
role of
'EMMA', a role Charlene booked in the end.
Great read. It felt very natural, and I could see her step into character at the start and step out of the character at the end.
Felt motivated, personal, and believable. Good job.

October 2011
Written audition feedback from Genna F. (CASTING DIRECTOR) for the SAG production "1, 2, Z" about her read for the role of
'MARY', a lead role Charlene booked in the end.
Great energy and enthusiasm. Had a great grasp of character. Took direction well.

October 2011
Jackie Cole, Producer on the "Malice" project about Charlene's audition for the lead role of 'ALICE' after Charlene accepted
the role:
....there was just no other choice after seeing all the other girls. Charlene was unbelievably real, so professional too and
we are so happy she is able to be part of our project. We will definitely work with her again in the future!

September 2011
In an email dated 9/10/11 Producer Brian Steele who worked with Charlene on the series 'Starf*ckers' wrote:
.....you can have footage for her reel. She's just great in it!

May 2011
From Casting Director Nare Mkrtchyan who worked with Charlene on the project "The Golden Rule" wrote in May 2011 after
filming was done:
Sorry it took me a very long time to send out this note. I would like to thank our sweet little kid for an amazing job on "The
Golden Rule."
Thank you! Charlene is a sweetheart.

March 2011
From Producer Juri Koll of More Than Kin Productions who worked with Charlene on 'Thrillseekers - The Indosheen' who
pitched her during a meeting to fellow producer Christopher Morrison on March 26, 2011 with the following words:
"Charlene is one of the most talented and amazing kid actors out there. i regret I can't work with her more on my projects
because those offer no roles for kids. But she is just so professional and a true talent through-and-through. She delivers!"

October 2010
From: Daniel Grove, Director of "Andronicus"
On 10/23/2010, during the phone call to tell her that she has been cast in the role of Fauna he mentioned Charlene's audition.
Quote: She was the first one we saw and we were so very impressed. Charlene took it from there all the way through.
Nobody compared to her
and we are happy to offer her the role.

August 2010
From: Brian Steele
Subject: STARF*CKERS thank you
Date: Wednesday, August 11, 2010, 11:26 AM

Hey Annette and Charlene,

Holt and I just wanted to thank you so much for taking part in our webseries.
Charlene, you were amazing, and we could not
have done it without you.
We’ll let you know when the episode is all edited and ready to go. Hopefully we can work together
again in the future. Thanks again!

Brian & Holt
917.363.7942- cell

March 2010
From: Raymond Martino/Producer with Inclusion Films at the world premiere of Spud at the Academy of Televison Arts and
Sciences on March 4, 2010
Quote: You did a wonderful job and we loved working with you. And I must say it.You are a little Meryl Streep, Charlene!

March 2010
From: Jordan Young with The Examiner, theater review dated March 9, 2010:
Quote: “Whenever the Twain Shall Meet” weaves together seven pieces based on short stories by Mark Twain, through March 28
at Anaheim’s under-the-radar Gallery Theatre. The family-friendly program also includes
a strong dramatic piece, “The Death
Disk,” about a girl (the impressive Charlene Geisler) who plays an unwitting role in the fate of her soldier father;
and the
seriocomic “Was It Heaven? Or Hell?” about a pair of habitual liars who are challenged to reform, with Jerry Michnal II consistently
tickling the funnybone as a preacher.

February 2010:
From: Glenn Kelman, Disney Entertainment Productions senior show director during rehearsal for the play "Whenever the Twain
Shall Meet..." at the Gallery Theater in Anaheim, CA:
Quote: "Charlene, your acting is extremely, extremely well. You take directions absolutely well; you take everything to
heart and deliver right away. I cry every time watching you in this hard to deliver scene and I don't think there will be one
dry eye in the audience."

February 2010:
From: Mark Toresso & Glenn Kelman, Disney Entertainment Productions senior show director after Charlene's audition for
"Whenever the Twain Shall Meet..." at their Gallery Theater in Anaheim, CA:
Quote: "Charlene is soooo talented. We don't know how she does all that but she did such a great job! It has been way too
long and it is about time we work with her again."
(NOTE: Charlene was cast as Betty Parris in Arthur Miller's play 'The Crucible' in 2008 shortly after she turned 8 years old).

February 2010:
From: Gentry Smith, director of "A Farmer's Daughter" in a handwritten letter Charlene received on February 26, 2010 together
with DVDs of the movie:
...thanks for giving me exactly what I needed and more than I could've hoped for! ~ Gentry

January 2010:
From: Jenn Page with Luminave Films who features Charlene on her website and pitching her for other projects after working with
her last year on some of her projects:
This album is the best female talent I've worked with in Los Angeles. If an actress is in here I feel they are not only
talented, but are dedicated to the work and will be a positive influence on set. - Jenn

Guess who is part of the best female talent in Los Angeles according to Jenn Page? - Charlene, who can be seen in
Luminave Films' LUVumentary and Pubert (Web Series)!

November 2009
From: Damian Chapa, actor/producer and CEO of Amadeus Pictures & director of the motion pictures "Bobby Fischer Live" and
"Polanski Unauthorized". Charlene worked with him on both projects in 2009; for the later one she did some ADR work in German
for the film distribution in the German speaking part of the world.
Quote:" I love Charlene. She is brilliant and so sweet. She is a genius. She just has the natural talent to deliver right away
what a director expects. I can't wait to work with her again in the future. I will probably write a movie role just for her and
it will be a feature length project."

October 2009
South Coast Repertory, Hisa Takakuwa (Theatre Conservatory Director) in a letter dated 10/16/09 wrote:
Charlene is among the few selected students from her Conservatory class to audition for Dickens' classic theatre
A Christmas Carol that will run for a month from November, 28 through December, 26, 2009. Choices are based not only
on talent but also on a student's ability to follow directions and cooperate with others. It's a great honor!

It surely is and Charlene is humbled and excited at the same time. The best part is that Charlene actually booked the role of
Belinda on 10/26/09!

August 2009
From: Gentry Smith, director of the movie 'The Farmer's Daughter' wrote in an email dated Saturday, August 22, 2009 after
working with her that day:

Hey Annette and Charlene,

I just wanted to say again what a pleasure it was working with you today.  
I got my heart broken, I got everything I needed to film
and then some.  Thank you for being so professional and courteous to your fellow actors.

March 2009
Written audition feedback from Andrea M. (CASTING DIRECTOR) for the project "City of Lights" about Charlene's read for the
role of
Compared to the other actors who auditioned for this part, on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best), we thought you rated:
Preparation: 5; Looks the part: 5; Professionalism: 5; Acting ability: 5; Taking directions: 5. Thanks so much for coming in!
We thought you were very professional and at ease. You gave great reads- took direction very well and seemed very
comfortable in the audition environment- not at all nervous.... great job!

January 2009
From: Steve Strombeck (Director) who wrote on his company's website (http://www.performingartsguild.
org/performing_arts_guild_of_orange_county_019.htm) about his piano and singing student Charlene in January 2009:

Our teachers have had the opportunity to work with Charlene since she was five years old. We have been very fortunate
to watch her grow as an artist. She is a true stand out. Her maturity and acting skills are far beyond her years.

November 2008
From: Andrea Mgebroff (Casting Director) who wrote on CAZT on 11/8/08 after Charlene auditioned for the lead role of Jade of the
The City of Lights:
Compared to the other actors who auditioned for this part, on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best), we thought you rated:
Preparation:5 Looks the part:5 Professionalism:5 Acting ability:5 Taking directions:5 Thanks so much for coming in! We
thought you were very professional and at ease. You gave great reads- took direction very well and seemed very
comfortable in the audition environment- not at all nervous.... great job!

June 2008:
From: Karen Williams of Aliso Creek Productions Aliso Creek Productions (818) 954-9931
In an email dated 6/24/08, Karen Wilson with Aliso Creek Productions wrote about Charlene after learning that she booked her first
VO job just a couple of days after completing the VO Demo Reel with them/CD William Williams:

WOW that is so way cool!  William is so excited ; he said he knew for sure she would do great things but this is fantastic
being so soon.

Karen & William Williams

Aliso Creek Productions
P.O. Box 10006
Burbank, CA 91510


May 2008:
From: Michael Sun, MMS Productions (310) 801-4782
Email regarding: Sweet For the role of: Sweet Lovin' Kid
Hi, I understand that it is unfair to do this, however, I surprisingly found a great lead actress** in today's Sunday auditions
and so will no longer hold auditions tomorrow on Monday night (5/19).

**Note**: This great lead actress was Charlene!

April 2008:
Producer Corinne Nordmann of Veronika Decides to Die
In an email dated 4/20/08 Corinne Nordmann wrote that she is in the middle of producing a new TV Show and had this to say about
My writer found her adorable - and, she is sooo talented!!!! Gets prettier by the minute and so photogenic!!! Last night, I
brainstormed on how to get Charlene to have some regular appearances: we are now having one of the two children of
the main character being Charlene ;-)
Hugs and more, Deine Corinne

November 2007:
Producer Barbara Polansky who worked with Charlene last year had this to say:
Charlene stood out at the audition because she was totally in the scene, in character, whether she was speaking or
listening.  That's why we chose her for the part and we are glad we did.  She was energetic and believable in her role.
Barbara Polansky
Fax: 310-338-9630
Tel: 310-338-9620
Tel: 800-929-3355
Video Visions

July 2007:
Rick Nicolet, CD with PRM Casting who saw Charlene for a session in July 07, where she did a scene with 2 other girls gave her the
following feedback by e-mail on 7/31/07:  
She was very good. She has the confidence and relaxes well.