December 2010
Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year to all of you. Love, Charlene.

'The Gift'

Finding Hope

November 2010

Booked! CD Ivy Isenberg in person called us to let Charlene know that she will
be part of
'Finding Hope' where she will play 'Ella's sister'. Another drama
role! How exciting!
STORY LINE: A story set in an isolated and brutal polygamist compound,
where people must leave loved-ones behind to break free and get pursued
through the country by infamous polygamist leader, Rev, and his minions, who
fear that the escapee will blow the whistle on their murderous and depraved

'Abigail'/Motionless in White Video shoot

November 2010:


Booked! Charlene booked another project called 'Allegiance', playing a Nazi
Student after Germany won WWII and is brainwashed / oppressed by a
horrible dictatorship and forced to adhere to foreign principles thrust upon
America. A challenging drama role and a serious and important topic! Filming
will start the week-end after Thanksgiving, so please stay tuned for more info
to come.

Motionless in White "Abigail" Music Video update:

October 2010
10/29 - 10/31/2010
"Andronicus Wilde"

On the set of "Andronicus Wilde" in Bel Air. Photo: Annette Geisler

Booked! Music Video shoot for the band Motionless in White for their
'Abigail'. Charlene will work with director KevinMcVey and actress
Maria Olsen of Percy Jackson fame. Filming will start next week. Stay tuned
for more details to come!

Happy Halloween everyone. Beware, be safe and enjoy your Halloween
week-end! Cheers, Charlene

Brando Unauthorized' update:

Charlene and director Damian Chapa on the set of 'Brando Unauthorized'

Charlene just booked the role of Fauna in Daniel Grove's
project. Filming starts at the end of October. Stay tuned for
more details to come.

After the Shearing


September 2010
Charlene worked on a project from a major video gaming company in
September 2010 at the Studio 1 in Sherman Oaks, CA and wants to thank
everyone for a wonderful experience.

Charlene will work on a project for a major video gaming
on 9/19/2010 in Sherman Oaks. Congrats!

'Big Love', Episode 504, "The Oath" - Featured Eaglette update:

August 2010
"Starfockers" update:

Charlene and Neil Hopkins on the set

"14,880 Hours"

Charlene getting her hair done, photo: Annette Geisler

July 2010
"After the Shearing"

"14,880 Hours"
Project about Ludwig van Beethoven booked!

"Brando Unauthorized"

"Brando Unauthorized"

June 2010
"10,000 Days"

Charlene on the set. Photo: Annette Geisler

Booked! "10,000 Days" web series.
Charlene will start filming tomorrow, 6-11-2010 at the Santa Clarita Studios
and can be seen in the role of the Farnwell Daughter. Find out more about
this exciting web series by clicking


"The Farmer's Daughter"

May 2010
"The Farmer's Daughter"

"Round table discussion of SHREK 4"

"Imaginary" update:

"Round table discussion of SHREK 4":
Charlene has been invited to be part of the "Kids' Round Table discussion
at the SHREK 4"
screening on 5/22/2010 organized by Luminave Films and
its director Jenn Page. Stay tuned for more details to come.

"Last Call"

The final curtain fell on Friday, 5-14-2010. Thank you everyone for a
wonderful theatre experience and creating more beautiful acting memories for
Charlene. A special 'Thank You' goes to director Lauren Kidwell who showed
extraordinary talent in putting this play together.


Charlene was excited about the invitation to Shorts 'N Spirits Showcase L.A.,
a night of networking & films/web series self-produced by Actors at
Capitol City in Hollywood, CA.
She got introduced to CD Bonnie Gillespie
who afterwards left a comment on facebook saying what a great kid she is.
Thanks for a wonderful experience and great networking opportunity.

April 2010

Booked! Charlene booked the lead role of Audra in the short movie
This is voice over work for a SAG short project, produced by
UCLA. Charlene lends her voice to Audra, a young girl that takes revenge on
her imaginary friends after a mysterious tragedy. Recording will start this
week. Stay tuned for updates to come.

"Last Call " theater play update:

Last Call theater play role booked!

March 2010
"Whenever the Twain shall Meet...."

Charlene with director Glenn Kelman after the final curtain at the Gallery Theatre.

CARE Awards 2010

Copyright 2010,

CARE Awards 2010:

'Whenever the Twain shall meet...'

Theater reviews are in for 'Whenever the Twain shall meet'. Read one
by clicking on
this link from the Examiner.

CARE Awards 2010

Copyright Daily Pilot, 2010


February 2010

CARE Awards

"Whenever the Twain Shall Meet..."


January 2010
"Spud" update:

Charlene and Spud director Tyler Norman at the Folino Theater, Orange, CA

The Hangover


Charlene with Joey Travolta on the set of "Spud"


Charlene's project will screen on Wednesday 1/20/10 at
Chapman University/
Folino Theater in Orange, CA. Please come to join her not just for the
screening but also
to celebrate her 11th birthday that day. Yes - we can bring
guests and Charlene would love to have you there!


Charlene in Berlin/Brandenburg Gate for New Year's Eve 2007

Happy New Year to everyone. May 2010 a very successful and prosperous
one for you and your families!
Charlene as Belinda Cratchit in 'A Christmas Carol' at Orange County's Tony Award winning theater South Coast Repertory,
December 2009.




Just confirmed:
Oedekerk, the man largely
responsible for making a star out of
Jim Carrey, will be at the Orange
County premiere of "
Mark your calendars:
1/20/10 at 7:30pm at Chapman
University, Folino Theater, 283 N.
Cypress Ave., Orange, CA 92866.
Reception to follow the screening -
including Charlene's birthday party!!!
Yes - it is her 11th birthday as well
and Charlene truly hopes you can
join her that day:)
Please rsvp to the director Tyler
Norman at by
referring to her name and keep in
mind: it's semi-formal attire;)

Charlene in her elevator scene from The Hangover movie trailer
Just announced: The Hangover won a Golden Globe!
The Vegas bachelor bash "The Hangover" won for best musical or comedy,
bringing uncharacteristic awards attention for broad comedy, a genre that
often gets overlooked at Hollywood honors. Charlene is proud that she was
part of this great production and that people even recognize her from the
trailers in her elevator scene.

"I just want to thank my mom, who supported my decision to become a
director when she realized I wasn't as smart as my two sisters," said
"Hangover" director Todd Phillips.

Click here for the updated photo thread of photos from the set.
A big 'Thank you' to everyone who came out
for the screening on 1/20/10 despite the
terrible weather conditions. Everybody had a
great time - especially Charlene who also
celebrated her 11th birthday that night.
The World Premiere of "
Spud" is scheduled
for March 4, 2010 at the Academy of
Television Arts and Science in North
Hollywood, CA.
Stay tuned for more updates to come.

here to see photos of the "Spud"
screening and Charlene's birthday
celebration on 1/20/10.
Charlene will be attending the world
premier of the movie "Spud" on
Thursday, March 4, 2010 at the
Academy of Television Arts &
Sciences in North Hollywood, CA.
What honor to be part of such an
important project. Thank you again
director Tyler Norman, producer Joey
Travolta and dear cast, crew and
everybody else involved for making it
such a wonderful filming experience.
See you on March 4th!
Booked! Another theater role is waiting for
Charlene at the
Gallery Theater in Anaheim, CA
where she will be seen in the world premier of
"Whenever the Twain Shall Meet..." in the role
of Abby. Rehearsals start 2/8/10.
Performance Dates: March 5th - 28th, 2010
Stay tuned! More info to come soon.
Charlene has been invited to receive her
CARE Award at a red-carpet event
on Sunday, March 14, 2010 at the Globe
Theater at Universal Studios, Hollywood,
CA. Congrats Charlene - you go girl!
CARE Awards (Child Actor
Recognition Event) is the premier event
for professional child actors.
150 of Hollywood's finest kids will receive
awards honoring their professional work,
academics, community service, etc.
These are the kids who are doing
showbiz right!  
'Whenever the Twain Shall Meet......' update:
Charlene will move into tech rehearsal and final
dress rehearsal next week before the play will open
in a world premier on March 5, 2010 at the Gallery
Theater in Anaheim, CA. Directed by Glenn
Kelman, Disney Entertainment Productions senior
show director, who is very excited to have Charlene
as part of the play after having worked with her
three years ago on Arthur Miller's
The Crucible.
"Spud" officially premiered at a Private
Industry Screening at the Academy of
Television Arts and Sciences (the home of
the Emmys) in North Hollywood on
March 4, 2010.
Click here to enjoy the photo stream.
Charlene is so very proud to be part of
such an exciting and important project!
Charlene has been featured in her
local newspaper The Daily Pilot,
which is part of the Los Angeles
Click here to read the
article where she talks about the
CARE Awards Show on March
14th at Universal Studios in
Hollywood and her aspirations for
the future.
The CARE Awards (Child Actor Recognition
Event) is the premier event for professional child
actors. 150 of Hollywood's finest kids received
awards honoring their professional work,
academics, community service, etc. Congrats to
everyone! Charlene got recognized for her role
as Belinda Cratchit in
A Christmas Carol at the
Tony-Award winning South Coast Repertory, her
supporting role of Anna in the feature movie
Bobby Fischer live and her work on Joey
Travolta's project
Spud where she played the
role of Samantha.
Location: Universal Studios, Hollywood -
March 14, 2010
Links to official photos from the 2010 CARE Awards:
* Globe Photos
* Michael Bezjian
The entire cast and crew enjoyed a
beautiful reception after the last
curtain fell on 3/28/10 at the Gallery
Theatre. It was a wonderful and very
successful run for Charlene who
impressed the critics with her
Click here for the
Charlene booked another theater
role at the Cayles Performing Arts
Center in Fullerton. She will be
performing in the role of Anna Brink
in the play "
Last Call", which is set
in suburban New Jersey in
November 2001. Stay tuned for
more info to come soon.
Charlene plays Anna Brink in The
Last Call. This play is based on a
true story and focuses on a young
widow with 3 children who lost her
husband in the terror attacks of
September 11, 2001.
The young wife found out shortly
before his death that he had an
affair. Afterwards, she also has to
deal with the fact that her husband
placed his last call to his girlfriend
and not to her and his three children.
Rehearsals are in full swing for the
performances to start May 7.
Charlene in a discussion with CD Bonnie
Gillespie on 5/11/10. Photo: Jenn Page
Charlene with Brooke Rogers who played
her mother in
Last Call. Photo credit:
Annette Geisler
Charlene in the recording studio, photo:
Annette Geisler
Please join us on 6/9/10 at 7pm at
Director Katrina Frederick and her
cast & crew are pleased to finally
announce the UCLA screening of
"Imaginary" in its completed form.
The screening is on Wednesday,
June 9th at UCLA, and will require
a ticket in advance. You can get
them at by
clicking here.
Act quickly if you know you want to
go, as it might sell out.
Watch the very funny youtube clip
by clicking
Charlene's short movie 'The
Farmer's Daughter'
will have its
World Premier at Dances With
Films 2010 on June 5 at 8000 W
Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles. The
film will screen at 12:30PM.
Tickets are $10 and can be
purchased through the festival's
website by clicking
Join us!
Charlene attended the world
premiere of her short movie
The Farmer's Daughter" at
the Dances With Films 2010
Movie Festival on June 5 at
8000 on Sunset Blvd in Los
Click here to view a
photo thread of the event.
Charlene had a great time on the
set of the web series
Days" that starres Peter Wingfield.
She played the daughter of the
Farnwell Clan.
Click on
this link to find out more
about this truly amazing sci-fi
Photos to provide a
behind-the-scenes look will follow
Charlene attended today the
screening of her movie "
Imaginary" at
the 2010 Festival of New Creative
Work Festival in Los Angeles.

Charlene with director Katrina Frederick after the
screening in the theater. Photo by Annette
Photo by Annette Geisler
Booked! The role of Frances Brando at age 12
in the bio pic about Marlon Brando, produced
by Amadeus Pictures. Charlene will have a
special July 4th celebration because she will
start filming on
"Brando Unauthorized", after
being personally invited by director Damian
Chapa to join him on his newest project. They
worked together last year and Damian Chapa
was so impressed by her talent that he wrote
her into his script of
"Brando Unauthorized"
so he can work with her again. Thanks, Damian
Chapa. This is a huge compliment for any actor
and Charlene is  very humbled by this and
thanks you very much for the opportunity to
work with you again.
Charlene had a fabulous time
filming on location in North
Hollywood, portraying Frances
Brando, Marlon Brando's older
sister at age 12. Click
here for
photos. Thanks again, Damian
Chapa for writing her into the
script so the two of you could work
together again.
will be released in
January 2011.
Charlene as Frances Brando at age 12 on the set of 'Brando Unauthorized', directed by Damian Chapa, July 2010
Booked! Charlene will play the role of Young Cacilia
in the upcoming project
"14,880 Hours" (aka
"Untitled Alonso Alvarez Barreda Project") about
Ludwig van Beethoven's early life.
Director Alonso
Alvarez won at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008 with
one of his projects and is now heading the production
Wama Films, which is behind the
Beethoven project. Filming at Universal Studios will
start around August 2 with rehearsals starting next
week. Stay tuned for more info to come. Congrats
Charlene for booking this exciting project, which will
be entirely filmed in the German language.
Charlene has been invited to attend the
premiere of her beautiful project
"After the
Shearing", which finally premieres at the
HollyShorts Film Festival at the Laemmle
Theater on Sunset Blvd on August 7, 2010 at
1PM. It would be great to see some of you there
if you can make it, even just to hang out before
the screening without buying tickets. We'll be
there around 12N.
Purchase your $10 tickets
here if you want to
see Charlene on the big screen.
Thanks for all your support, everyone! It is very
much appreciated.
Filming started 8/2 at Universal
Studios, Hollywood. Charlene was
supposed to play the role of
Beethoven's aunt at the age of 14.
It was a fun day and 'thank you'
everyone for your help and support on
this interesting filming experience. Stay
tuned for more info to come about this
fascinating project.
Charlene booked the lead role of Jamie
Johnson in the pilot comedy webseries
'Starfockers' working together with Neil
Hopkins of
'Lost'. Thank you producers
Brian Steele, Holt Bailey and director
Sean Mullin for making it a fun and
amazing filming experience for everyone.
Filming is completed now and a release
date has been set for October 2010.
Stay tuned for more info to come.
Charlene booked a featured role on
the HBO show
'Big Love' and filmed
her part at the Riverfront Stages in
Sylmar, CA in early September.
Thanks everyone for a fabulous time
on the set.

At the wardrobe trailer in her Eaglette outfit.
Photo: Annette Geisler
Charlene is more than excited about having her
'After the Shearing' screened at the
Chicago International Children's Film Festival on
Friday, Oct. 22nd followed by the Red Rock Film
Festival of Zion Canyon in Utah. It also played at
the Hamptons International Film Festival as one
of five film winners on Saturday, Oct. 9th.
Charlene is very excited that one of her
VO work movies named
(directed by Katrina Frederick)
won an
Accolade Award
! So proud and happy
about it:)
11/9/10 - "Brando Unauthorized"
movie premiere. 6:30PM red carpet,
screening at 7:30PM at the Majestic
Crest Theater, 1262 Westwood
Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90024. See
Charlene as Brando's sister
Frances at age 12. Don't miss it!
RSVP to director Damian Chapa
directly at

See you at the movies:)
From an episode of the TV show 'Eastwick', filmed at
Warner Bros Studios. Photo by: Annette Geisler
Thanks Kevin McVey for inviting Charlene to
play the
role of Patsy Roberts in the music
"Abigail" for the Sreamo/Hardrock
band 'Motionless in White'.
She had a
fabulous experience with the band members
as well as
Maria Olsen of Percey-
and the rest of the wonderful
cast and crew! Can't wait for the release of it!

Charlene with lead singer Chris of Motionless in White on the set at
the Central Studios in Los Angeles. Photo: Annette Geisler
Charlene had a wonderful time filming
Australian film-maker Daniel Grove's project
"Andronicus Wilde" over the past 3 days
on location in Bel Air, CA. She enjoyed
playing her role of the little girl
tremendously. Thanks everyone for a
splendid experience and I truly hope we can
work with all the wonderful people again in
the near future.
Stay tuned for more info to come when this
project will be completed and submitted to
the Film Festival Circus!
Click on the links for photos:
Link 1   Link 2
Charlene was honored by Damian Chapa's
invitation to attend the
Movie Premiere at the
Westwood Movie Theater in Los Angeles on
November 9th. It was a very exciting event with
lots of people and energy and she had the
best time ever.
People complimented her
for her performance as Frances Brando at
age 12
and she wants to thank Damian Chapa
for working with her as much as he does.
Photos from the red carpet arrival can be
found by click

Photo: Kerri Korba
Charlene filmed this project over the
week-end before Thanksgiving and wants to
thank everyone for a great experience.
Charlene played a Nazi Student after
Germany hypothetically won WWII and
where she was brainwashed / oppressed by
a horrible dictatorship and forced to adhere
to foreign principles thrust upon America.
Very creepy and we were all glad that this
was just a movie!
Directed by Patrick Dawn, Produced by Ian
Dalesky. Director Patrick Dawn's father, Jeff
Dawn, was the make-up artist!
Jeff Dawn
won an Oscar for best make-up on
Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Pretty cool
to see how he worked on the kids to give
them split lips, bruised eyes etc
Stay tuned for more news on festival
releases etc.
To see some
photos click here.
Charlene is pleased to announce
that the project
'The Gift' where
she played the
lead role of Emily
is now listed on Imdb with a
release date of March 2011. Stay
tuned for more exciting details to

Photo by Annette Geisler
'Emily' with Maria Olsen/'Mother'
Charlene had a fabulous time filming
her role of
'Ella's sister' in Malibu/ CA
for the project
'Finding Hope'. A
wonderful cast and crew made up for
the sometimes difficult weather
conditions in the canyons of Malibu.
For a photo thread click

Photo by Annette Geisler. Charlene with Christine
Elise McCarthy (Original Beverly Hills 90210)
Exclusive: Behind the scenes of
Motionless In White’s “Abigail”
Click here to view it. WARNING! Turn
your speakers down first! And yes -
Charlene is in it too! Has a little
bewildered look on her face watching
the guys practicing their guitar moves!