"Whenever the Twain shall Meet....."
at the
Gallery Theatre,
Anaheim, CA

February - March 2010
Written by: Glenn Kelman
Based on the short stories of Mark Twain
A quick note from the writer:
Mark Twain never wrote a play, but he
surely knew ho to tell a good story with
memorable characters. I strove to preserve
as much of Mark Twain's original words
and dialogue as I could while adapting his
stories for the stage. I found myself doing
more 'editing out' than 'adding in." I don't
want to tell you which parts of the script are
my own invention; it'll be more fun if you
have to guess! Fortunately, most of the
words are his. I hope you have as much
fun exploring his short stories as I did. ~
Glenn Kelman, writer/director
Scene 2
The Experience of the McWilliams
with the Membranous Croup,
Charlene in the role of Penelope
Scene 3
Is it Heaven or is it Hell?
Charlene in the role of Helen
In the Green Room
On stage preparing for the scenes and last instructions by director Glenn Kelman
Backstage at the reception after the last performance on 3/28/2010.
Last performance on 3/28/2010. Charlene in her Abby outfit she was wearing in the scene called 'The Death Disk'.
The theater lobby and a look at the cast of 'Whenever the Twain shall Meet...'
Some snapshots of friends and family who visited Charlene's performances.
Prologue Scene
Scene 5
The Death Disk,
Charlene in the role of Abby

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Thank you everyone for a wonderful
theater production at the Gallery
Theatre in Anaheim, CA.

Charlene is blessed to have met and
worked with each
and single one of you.